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Introduction of Law Firm
Shanghai SISU Law Firm is specialized in legal service and was one of the firms who were first qualified to counsel and proxy in foreign items. The law firm handles affairs of Corporate Law, Commercial Contracts, Investment and Financing, International Trade and is well-experienced in aforementioned areas. The law firm can provide its clients with professional legal service in various languages, such as English, Japanese, French, etc., for its excellent lawyers and its well cooperation with Shanghai International Studies University, which enjoys a good reputation across China for its academic education of foreign languages, international laws and business transactions.
Shanghai SISU Law Firm believes in devotion, profession and constancy.
Devotion means that every lawyer shall handle every single case with respect for his or her occupation. A lawyer shall be a guardian of law, a protector of the clients’ rights and a necessary force for perfecting democratic and lawful society.
Profession means that every lawyer shall provide legal service with professional knowledge and attitude.
Constancy means that every lawyer shall handle cases with responsible perseverance.

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